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Tenuta Belvedere is only healthy grapes
The stages of the grape harvest and wine-making, always harbingers of happiness and tension, represent crucial steps in production.
It is for this reason that the greatest attention is paid to the grape harvest, which takes place following a few essential rules:
\ the grapes are picked by hand and placed in 18 kg boxes, with particular care taken when placing the bunches into the boxes to make sure the grapes themselves remain intact;
\ the freshly harvested grapes are transported immediately to the wine cellar, where they stay in the naturally cool cellar for at least one night;
\ further selection of the grapes before proceeding to the wine-making stage.
Thanks to our partnership with oenologist Stefano Torre, we are able to reproduce the same philosophy used in the vineyard in our cellar: elimination/limited use of chemicals.
The close attention paid to looking after the vineyards and the utmost care in the harvest phase allow the production of “healthy” grapes.
Since the 2014 vintage, Tenuta Belvedere has not added sulfites in the production of red wines (Bonarda and Coccìnea) and limits their use in sparkling white wines.
Tenuta Belvedere is associated