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A young reality of ancient origins
All it began in the second half of the nineteenth century; it has ancient origins, the love of the land and the passion for the screws that Gianluca Cabrini creates excellent wine
Tenuta Belvedere was founded in 2013 and represents the continuation of a winemaking passion and tradition that began in the second half of the nineteenth century, when the Sarchi-Pasturenzi family began growing grapes. The vineyards cover around ten hectares in the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese area in the municipality of Montecalvo Versiggia, known as the “Land of pinot nero”. Thanks to the unique nature of the terroir, characterised by a healthy climate - mitigated by marine currents from neighbouring Liguria - and clay-rich/calcareous soil of marine origin, which allows natural water drainage, it is ideal for growing the Pinot Nero grape, which accounts for around 70% of the planted farmland. With the knowledge that high-quality wines are born on the vines, even before they reach the winery, thanks to its partnership with agronomist Beppe Zatti, Tenuta Belvedere implements particularly meticulous agronomic practices, such as rigorous pruning, suckering and bunch selection. The excellent quality of the grapes goes hand in hand with respect for nature. It is for this reason that, from the very beginning, the agricultural practices have always had a very low environmental impact, eliminating the use of chemical fertilisers, agrochemicals and herbicides, thus encouraging the grassing of the land. Equally valuable is the partnership with oenologist Stefano Torre. Thanks to him, it is possible to reproduce the same philosophy used in the vineyard in the winery: limiting the use of chemicals, including sulphur dioxide. Although the winery is named "Tenuta Belvedere di Gianluca Cabrini”, Tenuta Belvedere IS Gianluca Cabrini, who cultivates his own vineyards, bottles his own wine and is personally responsible for sales; reasons why the winery is associated with FIVI (the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers).