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A young reality of ancient origins
Tenuta Belvedere is the continuation of a wine-making passion and tradition that began in the second half of the nineteenth century, when the Sarchi-Pasturenzi family began growing grapes.
Early production was mainly to meet the consumption needs of family and friends. Over time and over the generations, what was once a “simple” passion turned into a professional commitment.
It was Mario Pasturenzi who, after the First World War, created a turning point in the farm’s wine production.
With the aim of creating a quality product, while pursuing the dictates of tradition, land ownership was slowly expanded, the old vineyards were replanted several times and the current wine cellar was built.
Even after the death of its founder, in 2004, the farm was carefully  managed by his  wife, Maria Luisa Sarchi, assisted by the family, of which Gianluca Cabrini became a member. It was Gianluca Cabrini himself who, in 2013, decided to leave the automotive sector, where he had worked for many years, to devote himself full-time to his passion for wine.
He is driven by his love for the Oltrepò area and the desire to see one of the great traditions of the past reborn: this is how Tenuta Belvedere came about.
Tenuta Belvedere is associated